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The number of Islamic schools has rapidly grown in recent years. With this growth comes many needs.

According to ISPU and ISNA, out of the hundreds of  full-time Islamic schools, weekend Islamic school and general Islamic schools in North America, many of them face challenges surrounding growth, leadership, and professionalism. 

With the proper resources, knowledge and training, many of these issues can be resolved. 

The educators and leaders of these organizations are striving to make a difference.

We're here to help

Your goal is to make a bigger and longer lasting impact. Our goal is to help you do just that. 

We want you to develop and amplify your work as an educator with credible resources from experts with extensive knowledge and experience. 

That's why we created the

The Educational Leadership Toolkit

This toolkit provides you with credible, up-to-date resources on topics that will help you hone your craft and stay on top of your game. 

We’ve collaborated with some of the top experts and community leaders with decades of experience to bring you the knowledge that will develop your skills. 

What Will You Get In Our Monthly Toolkit?

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Our Courses Include A Multitude Of Topics

Building Responsibility in Children
  • Actions have consequences
  • Following through with consequences
  • Giving chores early on
  • Handling allowances
  • Handling homework and procrastination
  • Managing screen time
  • Developing punctuality
  • What to look for: defining, understanding and identifying bullying
  • Four types fo bullying: Verbal, Social, Physical, and Cyber
  • Distinguishing bullying from standard conflict
  • Why children bully
  •  A teacher’s responsibility: tips for dealing with bullying
Classroom Management
  • How to effectively teach classes and keep students engaged
  • Understanding discipline and its application in learning
  • How to capture and maintain the attention of a class
Graphic Design for Teachers
  • How to use and navigate Canva
  • Intro to effective design
  • How to create effective designs
  • Design mistakes to avoid
Importance of Instructional Coaching
  • Instructional coaches and concerns
  • Instruction coach partnerships
  • Video recording of lessons
  • Avoiding difficult conversations
  • 10 ways to build resilience
  • Definition of resilience
Five C’s – Five Important Aspects of Parenting to Establish With Children
  • Communication: paying attention to your child’s needs and communicating effectively
  • Consistency: the value and implementation of consistency for children
  • Character: the value if good character and morals, and how to develop it
  • Courage: the necessity and validity of courage, and ways to instill in your child
  • Cardio: Learning how to take care of ourselves, staying active and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle
Positive School Culture
  • The necessity and importance of positive school culture
  • School climate vs. culture
Importance of Educators
  • Teachers are prominent role models for many students due to the amount of exposure, and have one of the greatest effects on students
  • How to Encourage Children to Read
  • Reading is a skill that becomes better with practice over time
  • Going to the library
  • Build your own library at home
  • Read with your children
  • Help your children understand and comprehend what they’re reading
Differential Learning
  • How to vary the level of content you present
  • How to provide a variety of learning environments
  • Different ways students can show what they’ve learned
Diversity Training
  • Helping newcomers and immigrants feel welcome at school and building intentional inclusivity.
  • Appearance: understanding the presence of different appearances and clothing at school
  • Food: understanding the importance of effects of ethnic foods among students
  • Manners and Behavior: understanding how people of different ethnic groups and background might have different mannerisms and behaviors that are considered polite
  • Media: understanding how the general media may cause stereotypes and untrue assumptions
  • Refugees: understanding how to accommodate refugees as they may have qualities that are outside of the norm
  • Faith: understanding how faith and religion can impact students and their social lives
  • Discrimination: understanding discrimination and differentiating it from prejudice, stereotypes, racial profiling and bias
  • How to find your niche
  • How to start your podcast
  • How to brainstorm topics
Duties of a teacher
  • Improving learning by planned instruction
  • Diagnosing learning needs
  • Prescribing content delivery through class activities
  • Improving learning by planned instruction
  • Diagnosing learning needs
  • Prescribing content delivery through class activities
Communicating with Parents
  • Tips on how to effectively communicate with parents
  • Best Ways to Communicate with Parents
  • Which method of communication to use and when with parents
  • Emails, meetings, phone calls, and quick talks during drop off/pickup
How to Raise a Child with Good Character
  • Instead of spending money, spend quality time together while being engaged
  • Calmly correct your child and maintain kind communication
  • Help your child problem solve
  • Instill gratitude
6 Ways to Encourage Success in Students
  • Being a good role model
  • Treating them with respect
  • Celebrating their success and effort
  • Have patience
  • Share your enthusiasm for learning
  • Set high, realistic expectations
Functional Teams
  • What does dysfunction look like
  • How to establish trust
  • How to build a functional team
New Principals: From Survival To Success
  • Working on a shared vision with staff
  • Hiring guide
  • Discipline

How To Get Parents Involved
  • The role of parents
  • Effective communication with parents
  • Encouraging parents
  • Intro to teaching
  • Classroom management
  • Developing resilience
  • different hats of a principal
  • Differential learning
  • Standard of testing
  • Duties of a teacher
  • New principals: from survival to success
  • Climate and culture and school
  • Evaluation and supervision
  • Resources for educators
  • Responsibility students
  • Rethinking of islamic studies
  • Expressing ideas in speech and writing
  • Data driven educator
  • Learning organizations
  • Learning strategies
  • Literacy
  • Brain research
  • Methods of teaching
  • Montessori approach
  • How to get parents involved
  • Social skills importance
  • Supporting study skills
  • Help with vocabulary
  • Teach like a champions: 42 strategies
  • Improving and inviting students motivation and performance
  • How is the weather in school climate culture
  • Instructional coach duties
  • Instructional core
  • Motivation
  • Six things leaders need to be careful of
  • 7 Habits of people with remarkable toughness
  • 14 leadership traits
  • 21st century leader teachers
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Organization leadership
  • Sexual harassment
  • Define teamwork
  • Assessment development
  • Building valid and reliable test
  • Climate culture
  • How to deal with negative employees
  • What 5 things leaders must know
  • What you need to know about board break
  • Knowing your audience
  • Bloom taxonomy critical thinking
  • Four decision driving growth
  • Building a life for yourself learning moment
  • Journey begins at the top
  • Communication
  • Becoming successful youth
  • 8 mistakes parents make to teach discipline
  • 25 ways parent can build responsibility
  • 25 ways parents can motivate children
  • 25 ways parent can read with children
  • Communication with kids praise and time out – parenting on
  • Challenges of the Muslim youth
  • Social media under counselor tips
  • Homeschooling
  • Helping kids cope
  • Internet safety
  • Positive anger explosion parent tips
  • What it takes to raise a good kid
  • 5c’s: communication, consistency, confidence, courage and cardio
  • Mental health and suicide in kids
  • Music making youth understand
  • Math helping parent for math
  • Gender relation
  • Generation 1.5
  • Educating our children opportunities and challenges from a faith based perspective
  • Positive strategies
  • Activism
  • Best financial practices
  • Charity
  • Community service works
  • Fasting
  • How kids should “hang out”
  • Love of worldly life
  • Watching movies
  • Pop culture
  • Watching sports
  • Guard strictly your salah
  • Quick overview of Hadith
  • Islamic principal of management
  • Judgement day
  • Jumuah training
  • Multiple intelligence
  • Poverty
  • Ways to help budget

Who's Behind The Monthly Toolkit?

Habeeb Quadri: Educator to the Educators

  • National Distinguished Principal award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals

  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education Principals’ Advisory Board

  • Boards of the Illinois Coalition of Non-Public Schools

  • Educator and administrator in public and private schools for more than 25 years

  • Youth mentor for over 25 years

  • Chair of Muslim Youth of North America

Alongside Imran Nanlawala: Masters in Educational Leadership

  • Founder of Digital Learning Partners

  • Local and international teacher for over 10 years at the university and higher education level

  • Digital Transformation Consultant

+ Featuring Special Experts and Guests!

Why Educators?

Every parent knows what a difference a great educator can make in their student.

Our focus has always been on helping community educators grow and thrive. Educators have the ability to impact students, and in turn communities, for a lifetime.

An average teacher affects over


students during their career

0 %

of students say their teachers are mentors or role models

0 %

of students say a teacher has boosted their self-esteem & confidence

Source:  National Center for Education Statistics & Edweek

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Sulaiman Jenkins

Sulaiman Jenkins is an academic scholar and a researcher in the field of applied linguistics. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he has been teaching as a professor of English in Saudi Arabia for over 16 years. He has published a number of articles in top-tier journals and his research interests concern race and identity. His academic journey began with Prep for Prep 9, an elite nonprofit organization dedicated to the elevation of gifted minority students in NYC. From there, he graduated from some of America’s most prestigious academic institutions (St. Andrew’s School ’99/New York University ’04) and with his education hopes to produce significant pieces of writing that help America examine issues that are sensitive yet central to his lived experiences growing up in the inner city: namely, race relations, police brutality, drugs and gang violence, incarceration and the prison system, and employment discrimination.

Ismail Abdur-Rahman

Ismail is a Startup Business Coach, 10X Performance Strategist, International Business Developer, Financial Coach. He’s the founder of iVIBES Consulting, which is an acronym that stands for Virtual Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship Solutions.  He is passionate about spreading entrepreneurial thinking as a way to reduce unemployment and empower those who have been systematically marginalized and disenfranchised. He has more than 20 years of experience and has launched several startups.

Imran Nanlawala

Imran began his career as an ESL teacher but he quickly learned that his passion for helping others succeed didn’t stop at just teaching them English. He founded Digital Learning Partners and now works as a Digital Transformation Consultant to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. Having a background in leadership, and combining that with his extensive knowledge in health, fitness and green living, Imran also created The WalaWay, a podcast which helps people reach their greatest potential.

Habeeb Quadri

Habeeb Quadri has been an educator and administrator in public and private schools and a youth mentor for more than 25 years. He received the prestigious National Distinguished Principal award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals. He is also on the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Principals’ Advisory Boardand the Boards of the Illinois Coalition of Non-Public School. He is passionate about education and helping his community.