Podcasting 101

Imran · December 31, 2020

We will walk you step-by-step through the process of choosing a great topic for your podcast and offer additional instruction in developing and planning. Further, we will help you with the technical components of podcasting (choosing your gear and how to get started with editing) and setting up your first podcast studio. With this strong foundation, you’ll soon be ready to record your first podcast episode, submit it to the major online directories and start growing your audience around the world.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn: 

  • All the equipment you need for your home studio
  • How to choose and set up a microphone
  • How to set up and use a production interface
  • How to position yourself at your mic for the best quality audio
  • How to find your niche topic and attract listeners

Weekly breakdown:

  1. Finding your niche (week 1)
  2. Microphone options (week 2)
  3. Software options (week 3)
  4. Set up and recording your first podcast (week 4)
  5. Edit your first podcast (week 5)
  6. Set up online accounts and upload (week 6)

Course Content

Module 1: Finding your niche
MODULE 2: microphone options
Module 3: Software options
Module 4: Set up and recording your first podcast
Module 5: Edit your first podcast

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Sulaiman Jenkins

Sulaiman Jenkins is an academic scholar and a researcher in the field of applied linguistics. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he has been teaching as a professor of English in Saudi Arabia for over 16 years. He has published a number of articles in top-tier journals and his research interests concern race and identity. His academic journey began with Prep for Prep 9, an elite nonprofit organization dedicated to the elevation of gifted minority students in NYC. From there, he graduated from some of America’s most prestigious academic institutions (St. Andrew’s School ’99/New York University ’04) and with his education hopes to produce significant pieces of writing that help America examine issues that are sensitive yet central to his lived experiences growing up in the inner city: namely, race relations, police brutality, drugs and gang violence, incarceration and the prison system, and employment discrimination.

Ismail Abdur-Rahman

Ismail is a Startup Business Coach, 10X Performance Strategist, International Business Developer, Financial Coach. He’s the founder of iVIBES Consulting, which is an acronym that stands for Virtual Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship Solutions.  He is passionate about spreading entrepreneurial thinking as a way to reduce unemployment and empower those who have been systematically marginalized and disenfranchised. He has more than 20 years of experience and has launched several startups.

Imran Nanlawala

Imran began his career as an ESL teacher but he quickly learned that his passion for helping others succeed didn’t stop at just teaching them English. He founded Digital Learning Partners and now works as a Digital Transformation Consultant to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. Having a background in leadership, and combining that with his extensive knowledge in health, fitness and green living, Imran also created The WalaWay, a podcast which helps people reach their greatest potential.

Habeeb Quadri

Habeeb Quadri has been an educator and administrator in public and private schools and a youth mentor for more than 25 years. He received the prestigious National Distinguished Principal award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals. He is also on the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Principals’ Advisory Boardand the Boards of the Illinois Coalition of Non-Public School. He is passionate about education and helping his community.